John Rost Crossing the Khumbu Ice Fall on Mt. Everest.


Adventure Guy™, John Rost using an aluminum ladder to traverse a crevasse in the Khumbu Ice Fall (Everest).

John is the 35th American and 92nd individual in the world to climb the Seven Summits. His latest adventure began two years ago with a trip to Africa and a successful summit of Kilimanjaro. Shortly after Africa he completed Mt. McKinley (North America), Kosciuszko (Australia), and Aconcagua in South America. In April 2004 John journeyed to Nepal for a two month summit attempt of Mt. Everest. On May 27th 2004 at 10:30 am John successfully reached the summit of the world’s highest peak at 29,035′. This amazing accomplishment was achieved after weeks of acclimatization and climbing. In the end John lost over 35lbs from a solid 6′ 2″ 195lb frame.

A month after returning to the USA John returned to the mountains to reach the highest point in Europe. In July 2004 he reached the summit of Mt. Elbrus in the Caucasus of Russia to complete the sixth of the Seven Summits.

After a few months of rest in the USA John returned to the mountains for the final of the Seven Summits in Antarctica. In November 2004 John departed the USA for Punta Arenas Chile. From Punta Arenas the team flew in a cargo plane for the trip to Antarctica. John reached the summit of Mt. Vinson and returned to the USA on December 15th 2004.

When not in the mountains John spends time with his three children in Huntington Beach California. John is the President and owner of Fiesta Auto Insurance Center ( with twelve retail insurance offices in California. His other adventures include automobile racing, surfing, yachting, tennis, hunting, fishing, and scuba diving. The adventures are not just on land and sea. John is an avid private pilot and has owned and piloted a sport aerobatic airplane.

John has future plans to continue his Adventure Guy lifestyle with possible trips across the ice caps to both poles. For a change of weather he is considering plans to traverse Northern Africa on a camel, cross the Gobi Desert, and trips down the Nile and Amazon Rivers.

These kinds of adventures require a lot of financial resources. John welcomes corporate sponsors and is available for speaking engagements and video presentations. As part of his endeavors he hopes to raise awareness of the vastness and wonders of our world to young children. He offers presentations to children involving geography, foreign cultures and adventure. A portion of his proceeds go to non profit organizations around the world to help poor children receive health care and an education.

John Rost can be reached by email at